Paving Options for Residential Driveways Melbourne


If you want to make your residential driveways Melbourne pavement attractive. A best way to do this is using permeable paving options. It is a most friendly way of capturing the picturesque driveway for your home. You can construct  a permeable driveway in the form of pavers, crushed concrete, permeable concrete or even crushed seashells. The cost of fixing driveways Australia has been bearing is tremendous because of its many advantages.

Advantages of using permeable paving

A major advantage is its esthetic appearance. Besides this, you can also get a great looking driveway. You can prevent water pipes getting contaminated due to these permeable driveways Melbourne. The local banks sanctions the loans  for reconstructing and renovating the driveways for every home.

Design elements

You need to consider the driveway design elements, while constructing a permeable paving for your residential driveways.

A waterproof liner is used for the foundation so that the driveway is at least 10 ft of a foundation. That will prevent any water seepage to your basements.

  • You may have to reduce any tree impacts in order to protect your driveway.
  • The driveway slopes should not be greater than 5% limit. Because of which you will have minimal runoff. Also because of this the infiltration of rain water is adequate. If you enforce limits on the installation, then it would help you preserve the storm water without affecting the private lots.
  • You need to keep at least 5 ft away from the sewer in order to keep your pipelines from getting contaminated.
  • Hence always prevent the driveways from being disturbed if there is any utility work.
  • You need to maintain at least 100 ft distance from the wells so that the wells do not get polluted.
  • Keep the septic systems at least 50  ft away from the septic components to prevent any intervention.

Options available

You have various options available for having a perfectly residential driveways Melbourne design.

  • Brick – Since they are porous, they can be used for directing water to the open spaces.
  • Stone – You can place these stone pavements in between the plants and gravel to prevent water from gushing to the plants.
  • Gravel – This is the cheapest method of getting your driveway paved. Basically, since gravel is loosely packed, rain water can easily move between the gravels. Hence you can definitely construct great driveways with this style.
  • Dry laid pavers – When you are installing stones on top of the gravel, then these dry laid pavers are formed. When grass grows around the corner stones, it forms a more appealing look giving it a feel of living driveway.
  • Cells – When you cut out the driveway permeable paving path as hexagons. Then you can easily plant grass or useful plants in between those cellular edges.


A major disadvantage of using permeable driveways using asphalt or concrete is that they get redirect the storm water to another location easily. That may lead to mixing of sewage or water gushing all over the streets uncontrollably. These permeable pavements need higher maintenance work . They have huge initial investment costs. It is very vulnerable to damage during winters and rainy seasons. Also, there is a chance that the cell pavements may break up easily.

However, if the residential driveways Melbourne design are very efficient. Then the possibility of seeing the damages can be loweredn see more in this article;

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