Common Asphalt Driveway Design Problems


Deciding to upgrade or install a new asphalt driveway design is a big decision – you want to get it right, not only from a quality and a budget perspective, but also from a design point of view.

Practical design considerations

Installing an asphalt driveway is a specialist task.  While the work itself isn’t necessarily that complicated, it requires specialised and heavy equipment, so you are going to need to call in a contract that specialises in the installation of asphalt driveways.

A quality tradesman will be able to advise you in detail about the practical design considerations that you need to bear in mind as this job gets underway.

Apart from the obvious steps such as removing the existing driveway and doing the necessary base-work to form the compact surface required, drainage is one of the biggest considerations that you will to be aware of during this initial design phase.

You can test the current drainage situation by pouring water on to the surface and seeing where it runs.

If you find that your driveway has a flat surface, you will need to create a gradient so that the water easily runs off the driveway and does not collect in pools.

As you construct the new asphalt driveway, your drainage will be enhanced by the layer of crushed rock that will form part of the base that you are creating for the driveway.

Aesthetic design considerations

Beyond the need to ensure that the driveway that is constructed is fit for purpose, the asphalt driveway design is important from an aesthetic perspective as well – it needs to complement the overall look and feel of your home and your neighbourhood.

It depends a little on where you live – if your home is a stand alone property, on its own block, then as long as you are operating within the local planning regulations, the aesthetic decisions are yours to make.  However if your property is part of a strata title or body corporate, there will most likely be additional rules and regulations that you need to abide by – this may have an influence on how you design your asphalt driveway.

One of the few variations that you have open to you with asphalt driveways is the colour.  Driveway asphalt comes in a couple of different types – red oxide gravel asphalt which comes in red or brown; non-coloured gravel asphalt (which is a dark brown colour); and standard granite asphalt which comes in black or grey.  You may find that you have local considerations which will mean that the colour of your asphalt driveway has to match the rest of the neighbourhood.

Lighting can make the world of difference

Lighting design for asphalt driveways is often an area that is overlooked.  Your driveway needs to be clearly lit and easy to navigate, no matter what time of day or night, or what the weather conditions are.  The last thing you want is for your driveway to look like a airport runway.  It’s a fine balance that is easy to get wrong.


Getting the right asphalt driveway design is absolutely critical to ensure that it not only looks great but also that you get the benefits of a durable material that should serve your home well for the next forty years. See more about diveway designs:


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