Driveways- how to make your house entrance attractive!

By | April 21, 2017

In the past times, driveways were considered to be just normal passages and entrances to houses. Now that time is gone for good. Now driveways are considered to be very important since they are the first thing which comes to notice when going towards the main building. Nowadays driveways are considered to be the focal point of attraction when you are trying to improve the entrance to your home.

Driveway designs

The basic driveway design which is very common in most countries is a simple driveway which leads from the road to the garage. Before setting up your garage and driveway you should study the complete information about the requirements. The normal radius is 10 to 15 feet which is enough for most driveways while an additional space of 30 feet of backing space is also preferable from the garage.

The most popular designs of the driveway is the circular driveway. This circular design forms a loop with the driveway starting from the road and then going around and nearing the front door and then ending again on the road. There are some circular driveways that reach the garage instead of the front door but it is not so common.

Different types of driveway designs

The more the radius of the driveway is wider the more better it turns out to be. The maximum radius which is preferable for a nice driveway should be about 20 feet along the curves. If you do not have this much space you can reduce it to 15 feet but if it is lesser than that it can be a problem as if the space is very narrow and limited it won’t fulfill the purpose of a driveway.

One other kind of driveway design is called as the courtyard driveway design which is very common in the United States. This design is very attractive and once made looks very good as well. Click here !

The design of the circular driveway can be either in a square or circular design. A lot of people prefer having a fountain in the middle of their courtyard. This fountain gives a nice show of attraction as well. In order to get a circular design courtyard you should opt for a diameter of approximately 70 feet. This might seem to be very huge but in reality it is the ideal kind of space specially for big vehicles and cars.

Square shaped designs should be approximately 55 feet in diameter. After getting the design done you should look for the appropriate width for your driveway. The normal width should be 9 to 12 feet and 10 feet would be good for small trucks.


Some driveways are just normal with attractive passageways to walk while others are more intricate with proper design and elaborate structure and may be so elaborate so as to turn them in to mini parks. Some people decorate their driveways and put swings and slides in them for kids to play. By turning them in to miniature parks it turns out to be a place of attraction for children and toddlers. Visit this site for more information :

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